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My beautiful goddess is beautiful, flawless, and gorgeous beyond words, more so in HD.. ❤ She looks like a sun goddess her with all her basking in the sun and her bright yellow pompom/dahlia hat.. ^^ And look at her gorgeous face. Her beautiful, intense stares. Her subtle yet provocative poses.. /stops before I drool

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I just love their friendship, don’t you? ^^ Judging from Dara’s outfit, I think this was after Inkigayo last Sunday, or during MBLAQ’s concert, which Dara attended. ^^

“With pretty Sandara!!”

“Ah, the pretty 2NE1 and ETUDE MUSE. Dara.”

He also commented on his own album, with “2NE1 has a unique charisma and fashion, attractive beyond words.”

True, Mr. Lee, oh so true. ^^


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The goodies look sooooo good! ^^ Someone have pity on me and please buy me all of them? PRETTY PLEASE? ^_^Credits:

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Dara! What is she watching? That’s a variety show right? Kekeke! ^^

The Loneliness of Self-Discipline(고독한 자기관리) 245편! 


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[dara me2day] CL – D-3 to “New Evolution”


[콘서트리허설장에서 멤바들은?] 연습도 실전처럼!!! 삘받아서 진지하게 임하고있습니다! 하루에 전체공연을 실전처럼 세번 리허설한적도잇는데ㅋ우리 체력 완전 괴물이네ㅋㅋ함성소리가 있으면 힘 더 나는거알죠!?기대할개요^_^그나저나 나 자꾸 채린이사진이 어디서나는걸까?!ㅎㅎㅎ

Tags: 요즘 사진 업데이트 하는거 배운 채린 ㅋㅋ 난 또 거기서 사진을 빼돌림 ㅋㅋ 나 잘햇죠? ㅋㅋ


[The member in the photo during the concert rehearsal is?] At training!!! Rehearsals are like training where we work very seriously and earnestly as if in a battle! Like going to war, we’re rehearsing for the performance three times in a day Ke We have monster-like strengths Ke ke Did you know that we get more energy if we hear more shouts and sounds from you!? I’m expecting it a lot ^_^ Anyway, I seem to have a lot of photos of Chaerin, how’d I even get them?! Ha ha ha

Tags: Chaerin, who learned about her photo updates just today Ke ke But I’ve hidden these photos from Ke ke Aren’t I smart? Ke ke


[Para member di ruang istirahat latihan konser?] Di pelatihan!!! Rehearsal seperti pelatihan dimana kami bekerja dengan serius dan bersungguh-sungguh seperti dalam pertempuran! Seperti akan pergi berperang, kami berlatih untuk performance tiga kali sehari ke. kami mempunyai kekuatan seperti monster. Ke ke. Apa kalian tahu kami mendapat tambahan kekuatan jika kami mendengar lebih banyak teriakan dan suara dari kalian!? Aku sangat mengharapkannya ^_^ Anyway, Aku kelihatannya punya banyak foto Chaerin, bagaimana bisa aku mendapatkannya?! Ha ha ha

Tag : Chaerin, yang baru belajar tentang update fotonya hari ini. Ke ke. Tapi aku telah menyembunyikan foto ini darinya. Ke ke. Aku pintar kan? ke ke





Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Terjemahan : ARBA

GAHHH! I need this picture in HD! Like, it should be one of the official pics on the magazine. ^^

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she perfect? Isn’t she gorgeous just gorgeous?! *____*

And waving at the tourist tram like a boss! Love how she kept her cool! Like it was an ordinary occurrence for her to have a tram full of tourist just suddenly interrupt her photoshoot. Kekekek! Love how she waved to the people and how they took photos of her. ^^ They must’ve have thought “Who is this pretty doll standing in the middle of the road? Oh well, *snaps away*”

More caps after the cut!

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