YES! Our fiercesome foursome are finally gracing the pages of different magazines!!! Thank you! They are looking so beautiful in different concepts! Do I smell a comeback sometime soon? Yes please!


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OMG!!! How chic and fabulous does our Dara look? I love how everything about her is in white! Makes her look so chic and so high fashion! I died a little bit inside that they are finally making look Dara the best that she can possibly be. No crazy make-up, no crazy hair and no crazy clothes! Thank you!


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2NE1 Forest in South Sudan

Photo album description: See the 2NE1 forest in Tonj, South Sudan that was created with the help of 2NE1 fans on July 2012! The 2NE1 forest had mango trees that provided food to the locals and provided shade under which children could study at!



If you guys remember, WeLoveDara/OhDara joined that project for New Evolution concert in Seoul, under San Union! We all pitched in and were able to donate the 100 mango trees wreath under Dara’s name.. ^.^ Check out the project post here!

More pictures after the cut! ^^

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