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The girls looked absolutely amazing today! Dara looks super gorgeous!!! I’m so glad she decided to shave half of her head. No more crazy hairstyles this time. She’s soooooo beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see clearer photos! And fancams!!! <333

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\Woot! M-Flo’s Verbal updated his Twitter with this photo during the concert! ^^

After the concert, he uploaded a picture with happy-looking 2NE1 backstage! ^^ THE GIRLS LOOK A-MA-ZING!!!! <333

Source: Verbal’s Twitter

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Shinwha Minwoo Datang ke Hari Pertama New Evolution Concert di Seoul


다라 초대로 난 지금 2NE1 콘서트현장에 있는걸로~^^시작했다! 내가 제일 잘나가~♬오프닝~

Dara invited me and I’m now at 2NE1′s concert. It’s starting and I Am The Best ~♬ OPENING~

Dara mengundangku dan aku sekarang di konser 2NE1. Ini dimulai dan I Am The Best ~♬ OPENING~

Minwoo’s FB update 2: Today is my birthday~ I’m with family at 2NE1′s concert. – with Da Rae Song, Juhwan Lee

Hari ini ulang tahunku~ Aku dengan keluarga di konser 2NE1. – dengan Da Rae Song, Juhwan Lee


Source: Min Woo’s Facebook

Translated by: darliciousx@ForeverwithDara

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