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Verbal Presents Otomatsuri will be on August 3, 2012. ^_^ 2NE1 will be performing with Verbal and J Soul Brothers on that night.

Credit: mflo10yrs@YouTube

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[dara me2day] Dara Memberi Petunjuk Untuk Lagu Terbaru 2NE1 ‘I Love You”

7월5일 투애니원 신곡 I love you 발매 기념! 신곡 장르 알아맞추기 자음퀴즈!!! 힌트 몇개 알려줄테니 맞춰보세요~ 정답은 내일밤에 공개!!!^^ 홧팅! 이곡은..모든 연령대가 좋아할만하다!흠..투애니원이 부를거같지않다..!반전이있다!퓨전이다!간지럽다!ㅎㅎㅎ

Tags: 항상 당장꺼져, 고어웨이, 재수없어를 외치던 투애니원이 외치는 알러뷰는 어떤 느낌일까..?!?



“To commemorate 2NE1′s release of the new track ‘I Love You’ on July 5th! Quiz on what genre it’ll be!!! I’ll give you a couple of hints so try guessing~ The correct answer will be revealed tomorrow night!!! ^^ Fighting! This song… is one that all ages will like! Hm… it doesn’t seem like a song 2NE1 would sing…! There’s a twist! It’s fusion! I’m itching [to tell you]! Hehehe.”

Tags: It’s always been 2NE1 shouting “Get the hell out of here”, “Go Away”, “You’re out of luck” now shouting I love you ….what will the feelingbe..?!?



Untuk menyongsong perilirisan track terbaru 2NE1 ‘I Love You’ pada 5 Juli! Kuis : ini akan jadi genre apa!!! Aku akan memberi kalian sepasang petunjuk untuk menebaknya~ Jawaban yang benar akan diungkapkan besok malam!!! ^^ Fighting! Lagu ini… adalah salah satu yang akan disukai semua umur! Hm… ini tidak seperti lagu yang akan dinyanyikan 2NE1…! Ini sebuah twist! Perpaduan! Hehehe”

Tag : Selama ini 2NE1 selalu berteriak “Get the hell out of here”, “Go Away”, “You’re out of luck” sekarang berteriak ‘I Love You’… akan menjadi bagaimanakah ini?!?



Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: Allkpop and ygdragonheart@DGH

terjemahan : ARBA

Dara has such a kind and pure heart! She truly loves and takes care of her fans! Never question why Daralings defend her so much and are loyal to her so much! 


[OMG Party] had a gathering today with our OMG Daraling members! We’ve been telling about our meeting since few weeks ago to Dara so that she can spend time with us!! Or at least treat us a dinner keke We didn’t expect her anything, but just now Dara called Yeolbong to find us!!! She told the manager she would pay for us!!! Dara treated us a dinner!!!! Today is a historical day!!!! HURRAY TO DARA!!!! WE LOVE DARA!!!!! 

Just a short background… OMG Daralings set a date to have a small gathering. Members of OMG really wanted to have a small gathering where they could…

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