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Day 1
1. Lee Min Woo
2. Gummy
3. Rania’s T-ae & Didi

Day 2
1. Jay Park
2. Bada
3. Jewelry’s Eunjung
4. Teddy Park
5. Big Bang (G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, and Daesung)
6. Epik High
7. Yoon In Na
8. Gummy
9. Se7en
10. PSY
11. YG
12. Prepix
13. Jinusean
14. Kang Hye Jung
15. Masta Wu
17. DJ Murf
18. Lydia Paek
19. Mina Kwon (Graphic Artist/Friends with YG artists)
20. Harry Kim (CEO of Seoulcialite Agency)

These are the only confirmed celebs thus far.

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Awww! This is so cute! Dara and Minzy stretching before the concert starts! ^^ Minzy helping Dara… Maknae lovin’!!! <333


Source: Hwang Ssabu’s Blog

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Day 2!!! New Evolution Concerts in Seoul ended today! The girls did a great job! They also looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Go 2NE1!!! Fighting on the world tour!!! ^_^

Seductive!!! Dara with the lucky fanboy for today! So jealous! T__T

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OMG!!! HD photos are here!!! The concert looked so colorful especially with the girls’ clothes! They all looked so gorgeous!!! <333

Dara’s skirt is so short! LEGS ♥_♥

Luckiest fanboy ever!!! Dara, kiss me too!!! T_T


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