[dara me2day] Dara Mengirimkan Terima Kasihnya Pada Fans Karena Konser LA Sold Out


LA공연 끝!!!^.^오늘 반가운 얼굴들도 많이 보구~ 윌오빠와 애플딥오빠의 서프라이즈!멋진 프리스똴 랩!+.+ 다들 넘 고마워요!이건 노키아 시어터쪽에서 직접 준 선물이에요!공연 매진한 아티스트에게만 주는건데 우리가 아시아 최초래요!여러분 덕분이에요!넘 행복해요^.^


LA venue is done!!! ^.^ We saw lots of faces we were hoping to see~ Will Oppa and Apple Deep Oppa surprise! Amazing freestyle rap! +.+ Thank you all so much! This is a gift given directly from Nokia Theatre for a sold out venue! This is the first of its kind for Asian artists! I’m so happy ^.^


Penampilan LA telah selesai! ^.^ Kami melihat banyak wajah yang kami ingin lihat~ Kejutan Will Oppa dan Apple Deep Oppa! Freestyle rap yang luar biasa! +.+ Terima kasih banyak semua! Ini hadiah yang diberikan langsung dari Nokia Theatre untuk pertunjukkan sold out! Ini pertama kalianya untuk artis Asia! Aku sangat senang ^.^




Source: Dara me2day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH

terjemahan : ARBA



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