Awww, this video just reminds everyone how the girls respect and love each other, how they have grown together, and just how close they are. I love how CL talks about the girls and their crew, and how all of 2NE1 respect and gave shotouts  to everyone who made them who they are right now. ^^ Love how CL and Bom looked to Dara to explain how 2NE1 got together. ^^ Love how they love food too! Keke! Bonding over food is jjang! ❤  And it seems like they made such wonderful memories during their vacation in the Philippines! ^^

adidas originals represent – 2NE1 interview (B-Roll, about their crew)

2NE1 about the advantages of doing music as a group, about the memorable moments spent together, about travelling with their crew, about what makes them special about their YG Family crew, about what bonds them together as a team, about…

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