Dara just doesn’t stop making my heart all fluttery and giddy! How can she be so cute and adorable? T_T How can a person with a badass haircut like hers be so so so adorable? TT__TT

OMG DARA DID YOU KNOW THAT THE TEDDY BEARS HATE YOU JUST BECAUSE “OUT-CUTED” AND “OUT-ADORABLED” THEM?! ^________^ Kekekeke! WAH~!!! So so so cute! How can she be a fierce goddess at one moment, and then be a cute baby girl the next? T_T Daraaa! Ack! Cannot wait for this photoshoot! ❤

#2NE1 #Dara shooting for @FAULTmagazine with photographer@giulianobekor and @avoyermagyan @fashionTV http://ow.ly/i/SjE1 

#2NE1 #Dara Aren’t all my dolls so cute? http://ow.ly/i/SjFu 


Source:  @GlobalBlackjack on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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