OMG!!! Dara looks absolutely perfect as a doll! She looks flawless! She looks so cute! She looks so pretty! She looks so beautiful! I love it! How can she look even younger? So adorable!

[Lash Perm 3 Step Volume Mascara] SNS Puppet Show “Her eyelashes are unbelievable!” Try to imagine in advance what the SNS puppet show would be like! ★ This is the doll doll ‘cara (short for mascara) director! ★ Dara has transformed into an innocent doll doll cara♥ Sweet, gentle, and pure Dara! What has happened?! Please write down a story with the keyword “innocent/pure” and four comments would be chosen 🙂 People can leave their witty comments until tomorrow! The innocent doll doll cara photo albums would be released step by step ♡ Sandara as Etude’s “doll doll cara” innocent, lovely, and fresh ♡ 3 kinds of transformation?! Turn into doll doll with Doll Doll volume…

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