[dara me2day] Konser + Foto CL dan Divinity Roxx

[뉴에콘 휴유증]3 개월간 준비한 뉴에콘을 무사히 마치고..거의 해뜰때쯤 잠들었는데 왜 이렇게 일찍 일어나지지..?또 휴유증이 찾아왓네요ㅠ어제 론리때 팬분들의 감동이벤트도 눈에 아른거리구..지금 이순간이 영원하지않다는거 알아요.나 지금 넘 행복해요~나 오늘만..센치할게요

[NUEVCON REST PERIOD] The New Ev Concert that we prepared for 3 months has safely passed…I was barely able to rest here and there then so why am I up so early now..? Again in the rest period TT I think back during our LONELY performance when the fans had prepared a moving banner that caught our eye…I realize now that nothing lasts forever…Right now I’m so happy ~ Just for today I…will be sentimental.

[NUEVCON REST PERIOD] New Ev Concert yang telah kami persiapkan selama 3 bulan telah berjalan lancar… Aku sangat jarang bisa beristirahat disini dan jadi kenapa aku bangun sangat pagi sekarang…? Lagi di masa istirahat TT Aku memikirkan lagi selama performance LONELY ketika fan telah mempersiapkan banner bergerak yang menarik mata kami.. Aku menyadari sekarang tidak ada yang selamanya… Sekarang aku sangat bahagia~ Hanya untuk sekarang aku.. akan sentimental.

어제 뉴에콘 애프터파티에서 씨엘과 디비~!!! 짱 멋있죠?!? 콘서트에서 부터 애프터파티까지~음악에 미쳐있는 사람들이 모여서 정말 즐겁게 뛰고 즐겼던거같아요^_^지금쯤 미국으로 돌아가고 있을 울 밴드와 글로벌투어 스탭들…보름뒤에 뉴욕에서봐요!We love you! 17분전 뉴에콘 다음 목적지는 뉴져지 & LA!!!

A picture of CL and DiVI from last night’s NUEVCON after party~!!! They’re so JJANG cool, right?!? From the concert to the after party~ people who are crazy about music gathered together and had a really great time running around and partying ^_^ And now to the band and global tour staff that will follow us to the US in a for tonight…we’ll see you soon in New York? We love you!

Tags: NUEVCON’s next stops New Jersey and LA!!!

Sebuah gambar dari CL dan DiVI dari after party NUEVCON tadi malam~!!! Mereka sangat JJANG keren, bukan?!? Dari konser ke after party~ orang yang gila tentang musik berkumpul bersama dan mempunyai waktu hebat berjoged dan berpesta ^_^ Dan sekarang staff band dan global tour akan mengikuti kami ke AS malam ini… kami akan melihat kalian segera di NEw York? We love you!

Tag : pemberhentian NUEVCON selanjutnya New Jersey dan LA!!!

SOURCE: DARA’s ME2day POST July 30, 2012

Translations: ygdragonheart @ DGH

Terjemahan : ARBA


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