The photobook looks awesome, even with just the previews! ^^ And judging from the content, looks like we’ll be getting a lot of fun pics of 2NE1. ^^Contents:

Member Profiles

01_Day 1 
Off to Manila
“I want to break free” at Resort World Manila

02_Day 2
“Even if it’s a rainy day, let’s make it into a holiday” in Legazpi

03_Day 3 
Legazpi, “City of Joy, City of Angels”
All about 2NE1’s Photo Story

04_Day 4
Exciting time at the beach at Misibis Bay Beach
“I Love Action, Thrill, and Adventure!!!”

05_Our Story 
Members’ Essays / Monologue
“SANDARA, tell me your story”
“PARK BOM, tell me your story”
“CL, tell me your story”
“KONG MINZY, tell me your story”

06_Behind the Scenes 
Dear Members
Acknowledgements – Thanks to…


Source: KyoboBook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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