[dara me2day] Dara at the Middle of Rehearsing for New Evolution Tour


열심히 리허설중이다라! 올콘 뛰는 랙잭이들~ 콘서트 끝나구 있는 애프터미팅 애기들었죠? 처음있는일이네~!ㅋ팬미팅과는 또 다른 애기지만 ~ 이렇게 모여서 대화하고 같이 사진도 찍고~ 고마 손도 함 잡아주이소! 소중한시간이 될듯!^_^ 그럼 우린 오늘도 리허설하러 고고고!

Tags: http://youtu.be/hoKSRz7fUs0 뉴에콘 리허설영상 한번 봐바용!^.^


Dara working hard during rehearsal! Blackjacks coming to our concert~ You heard about the aftermeeting once the concert ends,right? This is the first time~! ke Though it’s different from fanmeetings ~ meeting each other this way taking pictures together ~ shaking hands! It will be a precious time! ^_^ Okay, off to another rehearsal today, go go go! “

Tags: http://youtu.be/hoKSRz7fUs0 Check out this rehearsal footage for NUEVCON! ^.^


Dara bekerja keras selama latihan! Blackjack datang ke konser kami~ Kalian dengar tentang aftermeeting sesudah konser berakhir, bukan? Ini adalah yang pertama~! ke  Meskipun ini fanmeeting yang berbeda~ bertemu satu sama lain mengambil gambar bersama-sama~ berjabar tanga! Ini akan menjadi waktu yang berharga! ^_^ Oke, pergi untuk latihan hari ini, go go go!

Tag : http://youtube.com/hoKSRz7fUs0 Periksalah cuplikan latihan NUEVCON! ^.^



Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH

Terjemahan : ARBA


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