[dara me2day] / Twitter : 2NE1 di Cannes


프랑스 칸에 다녀온지도 벌써 한달이 지났네요!!! 칸에서 투애니원의 모습! 궁금햇죵?!? 그 모습들을 8월호 더블유 매거진(W)에 만나보실수 있습니당!! 멤버들 사진이 이뿌넹!!!>.< 아 이뿌다~ 궁금하죠?!궁금하죵?!?ㅎㅎㅎ


It’s already been a month since we went to Cannes!!! Are you curious of 2NE1 in France? You can check it out in W Magazine!! Our member’s photos are pretty!!!>.< Ah so pretty~ Are you curious?! You’re curious right?!? hahaa


Ini sudah sebulan sejak kami pergi ke Cannes!!! Kalian penasaran tentang 2NE1 di Perancis? Kalian bisa cek itu di W Magazine!! Foto member kami sangat cantik!!! >.< Ah sangat cantik! Kalian penasaran?! Kalian penasaran kan?!? Hahaa




이번엔 ~ 더블유 씨엘양 사진!!! ^_^ 캬~ 정말 모델같죠?!? 갠소 하고픈 멤바들의 사진들 ~ 내일이면 볼수있어용!!! 더블유, 퍼스트룩, 엠카!!! 많다많아~!


This time~ W photo of CL!! ^_^ Kya~ Seems like a model right?!? I wanna reveal the members’ photos~ You can see them tomorrow! W, 1st look, M countdown!!! There’s a lot~!


Kali ini~ foto W dari CL!! ^_^ Terlihat seperti model bukan?!? Aku ingin mengungkapkan foto para member~ Kalian bisa melihatnya besok! W, 1st Look, M Countdown!!! Ada banyak sekali~!










Source: Dara’s me2day; @mingkki21

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Terjemahan : ARBA


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