[dara me2day] Dara for W Korea Magazine


초상큼 깐느의 봉쥬르다라를 19일부터 소장하실 수 있습니당~~!! 이번 W매거진에 투애니원이 무려~ 12페이지나 나와요!^_^완소 더블유 8월호!!! 다른 멤버 사진도 궁금훼?!?! 뉴규< 뉴규?!?


You can own fresh Cannes’ Bonjour Dara on the 19th~~!! 2NE1 will be on a whopping~ 12 pages of W magazine!^_^ August issue of W! Wanna see the other members’ photos?!?!?1 Who < who?!?


Kalian bisa memiliki fresh Cannes’ Bonjour Dara pada tanggal 19~!! 2NE1 akan menguasai~ 12 halaman dari W Magazine!^_^ edisi Agustus dari W! Ingin melihat foto para member?!?!? Siapa? siapa?!?





Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Terjemahan : ARBA


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