[dara me2day] [bom me2day] Park Sisters Menjawab Pertanyaan Fans di Me2Day

Bom’s Update#1:

깜짝게릴라로!!! 퉤니원 라이브 채팅 시작합니다~~!! 꼭 오늘만 이죠!!!ㅋㅋㅋ 진심 솔직하게 우리 얘기할꺼에요*^_______^*

As a guerilla!!! 2NE1′s live chatting starts~~!! Its just for today!!!ㅋㅋㅋ Lets talk honestly*^_________^*

Seperti guerilla!!! 2NE1′s live chatting starts~~!! Ini hanya untuk hari ini!!!/// Mari berbicara dengan jujur*^_______^*

Dara: Start please.

BOM: *Scoff* Today on your behalf as well as our own we will have an impromptu chatting session, right PR Dara-nim?

Dara: Yes, we will.

BOM: *Laughs* The things you are curious about. It’s been a long time since 2ne1TV. There must be so many things you’re curious about. So, thinking about how to resolve this, we decided to have this question and answer session. So, how do I say this? We’ll begin now. GO!


Dara : Tolong dimulai.

Bom: *scoff* Hari ini atas nama kalian dan juga kami sendiri, kami akan membuat sesi  mengobrol dadakan, benar kan PR DAra-nim?

Dara : Ya.

Bom : *tertawa* Hal yang kalian ingin tahu. Ini sudah lama sekali sejak 2NE1TV. Disana pasti banyak hal yang kalian ingin tahu. Jadi, berpikir bagaimana mengatasi ini, kami memutuskan untuk membuat sesi tanya jawab. Jadi, bagaimana aku harus mengatakan ini? Kami akan mulai sekarang. GO!

Bom’s Update#2:

배가너무 고픈 관계로다가… 답변늦어졌어요ㅠㅠ….암튼 영상답변 #1


Because i was so hungry….my answer was a bit late ㅠㅠ Anyways,video answer #1


Karena aku sangat lapar… jawabanku agak sedikit terlambat ㅠㅠ Anyway, jawaban video #1

BOM: Okay everyone… You guys are really commenting a lot.

BOM: Where do you always disappear to? (To Dara)

Dara: I don’t always disappear.

BOM: I think a lot… like what type of image to show you on this chatting? And I just ate… because people have to eat. And… hmmm… *looking at comments* Ah… yes. Another comment “Sing the push and pull part of your song” (she sings with Dara and someone else clapping in background) There… that’s a present for you!


Bom : Oke semuanya…. Kalian selalu banyak memberi komen.

Bom : Kalian selalu hilang dimana ? (Untuk Dara)

Dara : Aku tidak selalu menghilang.

Bom : Aku banyak berpikir.. seperti apa image untuk ditunjukkan padamu di chatting ini? Dan aku baru saja makan… karena orang harus makan. Dan… hmmm… *melihat ke komen* Ah… ya. Komen lainnya “Sing the push and pull part of your song” (dia bernyanyi dengan Dara dan seseorang bertepuk tangan di background)  Ini… adalah hadiah untuk kalian!

Dara’s Update #1:

제가 몇가지 질문을 뽑아서 답변을 해봤어요^^; 질문이 넘 많아서 다 답해주지못해서 미안해요 ㅠ.ㅠ 요즘 말솜씨가 줄어들고 있어서…재미있게 말하기 참 힘드네요ㅋㅋㅋ 나 요즘 청순컨셉이라…… 그럼 또 몇가지 질문 더 받겠습니다^^


“I’ve picked a couple of questions to answer ^^; There are too many so I can’t answer them all. I’m sorry T.T I’m becoming less eloquent lately… It’s hard to speak in an entertaining way. Kekeke. These days, [I have to stick to an innocent concept]… Then, I’ll take a few more questions ^^”.


“Aku telah memilih sepasang pertanyaan untuk dijawab^^; Ada banyak sekali pertanyaan jadi aku tidak bisa menjawab semuanya. Aku minta maaf T.T Aku sedang menjadi kurang fasih akhir-akhir ini … Sulit untuk berbicara dengan cara yang menghibur. Kekeke. Hari ini, [aku harus tetap berpegang pada konsep innocent]… Kemudian, aku akan mengambil beberapa pertanyaan lagi ^ ^ “.

Dara: For all of you, we present guerilla chatting. I selected a few comments to answer. BOM: Questions?

Dara: Yes. The first one is from Bbnim: “Can you give us a hint about your point choreography?” Our choreography this time is, how should I say this? The song is a bit come hither, so our choreography also has that kind of feeling. If I were to give a hint, I’d have to stand up. (proceeds to do a quick flash of choreo) huk huk! Tada…ok I’ll just show up to that point (BOM spazzing in the background)

BOM: You can see it fully tomorrow. Tomorrow…can I tell them?

Dara: Our first comeback stage tomorrow at Inkigayo. Yes yes we can tell them

Bom: Inkigayo, be sure to watch it.

Dara: Yes, if we give it away sooner, it would spoil it. Next question comes from BOM&CL. “How would you feel if fans wanted to copy your hairstyle after seeing you?” BRAVO!!! Everyone, come with the bansak hairstyle!

Bom: NO they can’t!

Dara: Oh…I think it would look good on them.

Bom: They have to go to school!

Dara: School? Then only the working fans. Come with your bansak hair…

BOM: He’s lending me this to wear

Dara: Yes, wear one with me.

BOM: But wearingn this…giggle

Dara: Lately the bansak hairstyle is a trend. Next…jeannim “What was Wang-Yang Sajangnim to the bansak…”

BOM: WANG WANG sajangnim (WANG means king), is it? Our sajangnim is YANG sajangnim with a Y. It’s a Y…..Wang…no YANG sajangnim

Dara: So, I saw him before.

Bom: And what did he say?

Dara: “Oh, it looks pretty” so I said “Thank you” you know while we were practicing for our broadcast.

Bom: oh really? It’s cuz it’s Dara…if I had tried that style….

Dara: I think he would have said it looked good on you too

Bom: I don’t think so.

Dara: The next question is from wazzup-nim. (LAUGHTER)

BOM: If you want to pronounce it correctly it’s WAAHHzup w-a-z-z-u-p.

Dara: “I’ve heard that aside from ‘I Love You’ the other tracks are different genre. Is that genre club themed?” No, this is not it. In this album, there are many themes. To match those themes, each song is different. All fresh…the feeling is like going up then down then up then down, like this.

BOM: Oh my HAIR…what do I do…I wasn’t supposed to show this. (tucking it in her hoodie)

Dara: Ohmaygahd. What are you doing revealing this already. Yes, you better hide it.

BOM: I don’t think they say it.

Dara: The last question is, “Do you like squid dish?”

BOM: who are they asking, you or me?

Dara: Me….this friend here (gesturing at Bom) likes it.

Bom: There aren’t a lot of people who like the squid dish….oh my hair…but the one my mother makes is good, right? You tried it the other night.

Dara: As we were group chatting the other night, I asked if you had food, right? When I got there, there was rice and squid and kken nip (like kimchi but with leaves). I like kken nip more.

BOM: hey what’s up with the lighting…you can’t even see my eyes…it’s so dark.

Dara: Let’s endure it….it’s what we have to work with.

Bom: I look weird.

Dara: Okay…so we’ll go through the comments and pick a few more and come back. Until then, this is Bom and sanshi, the time is 9PM.

Dara’s Update #2:

[7/9일 티켓 오픈 고고고!]이거 편집하기 힘들어서 그냥 통으로 올립니다…^^;;;;어떡하지…ㅋ암튼 오늘 즐거웠어용~! 그리구 투애니원 멤버 전원이 참여하는 미투 스타 채팅!다음주 화요일 오후6시!알죠? 그땐 정식채팅이에요~ 그럼 우린 내일 인기가요 첫방을 위해!뿅!


It’s difficult to edit this one that’s why i’ll just release it right away…^^;;;; What to do?…ㅋ Anyways,today was so fun~! And 2NE1 members’ power participation in Me2 Star Chatting!That would be on Tuesday next week at 6PM!Do you know?That will be a formal chatting~ Then for our Inkigayo first broadcast tomorrow!Ppyong!


Ini sangat sulit untuk di edit itulah mengapa aku akan merilisnya langsung saja…^^;;; Apa yang harus dilakukan? …. ke Anyway, hari ini sangat menyenangkan~! dan kekuatan member 2NE1 berpartisipasi di Me2 Star Chatting! Ini akan ada lagi Selasa minggu depan pukul 6PM! Kalian tahu? Ini akan menjadi chatting formal~ Juga untuk boardcast pertama kami di inkigayo besok! ppyong!

Dara: (puts on sunglasses) This is the second set of the chat. BNCHUPS-nim asks “Truthfully, you have a boyfriend, right?” I don’t. I haven’t had a boyfriend since my debut. The same is true now. Look at me now. This bansak hairstyle is something I can do as an artist not a woman.

BOM (and background male voice): Oooohhhhhhhh

Dara looks flustered

Dara: In any case, I don’t have one!

BOM: (louder) WOOH!

Dara: (gives Bom a death glare) Okay, second: pinman nim asks I think about the MV “What were your thoughts while filming the car scene?” I was just feeling the music and going with the flow. I am usually moved like this. Third question, “Bom unni, when are you going to wear a crop top? Whe?”

BOM: (Shrieks)

Dara: When are you going to wear it?

Bom: I don’t really want to feel pressured.

Dara: It’s not a pressure; they’re just curious. Come on….come on….Park Bom is coming…today’s guest. PARK BOM! Hide your hair.

BOM: Everyone, I’ve thought many times about the promise to show you my mid-section. So for this concert I wanted to show you the crop top….how much time is left?

Dara: about 3 weeks now?

BOM: 1 week?

Offscreen voice: 1 month

BOM: 1 month. That’s enough time. The reason I ask everyone is because I’ve been working really hard to lose weight in the waist by our comeback. But when we went to France for Cannes.

Dara: There’s only pasta and pizza to eat there.

BOM: That’s right! And eating all that, I gained it all back in my belly. So, I haven’t lied to you. I was really trying. I was going to bed hungry and exercising…particularly doing situps. But going to France…the food….and I can’t just starve. So I ate and gained weight. So, I’ve been stressing on how to explain myself to the fans. And here it is coming out in the open now. So, in the last month we have left, I’ll try my best to lost it again.

Dara: Thank you…Our next question: “the layout for your concert is different. What’s the reason?” Ah, I really wanted to talk about this one. For this concert, you may have seen that it’s not the usual layout where the stage projects into the stage in one straight line. A lot of you may have felt disappointed but there is a reason for everything. You think we would just do a straight line. There is a reason…

Dara: Ah, this is a secret. Anyway, we are raising the quality of the concert with a lot of amazing ideas from Travis. Our last question: “Where are Chaerin and Minzy?” Now see here…are you saying that we are not enough? They’re looking for the maknae’s even though we are here. What do you think?

BOM: That’s a bit much, everyone.

Dara: The Maknae are young. They need their rest. Right now is their nap time.

BOM: The Maknae in my opinion

Offscreen voice: It’s past nine

Dara: Yes, it’s past their bedtime

BOM: Why are you lying and saying their bedtime is 9PM? Not that’s not it. They are doing what they need for our comeback separately…either practicing the motions by watching the video or listening to music. Like that.

Dara: ok…that’s all for the questions. Ticketing opens soon..July 9th

BOM: AHH!!! I wanted to add something, something I always wanted to say. This concert is…more than a broadcast—although broadcasts are important in their own way….a way for us to show our true nature. This is my way of showing you what’s truly inside of me and sharing that feeling with you. I will bare my soul.

Dara: So, the revelation of the soul

BOM: Well maybe not to that extent…that’s a bit type B over the top. But if you come, there will be many things you would not be able to see normally…particularly Dara, here.

Dara: (starts doing exercise moves) huh huh…

BOM: Darayang has been working out very diligently. Not these thinning exercises that she’s showing here..but stomach exercises.

Dara: Everyone, it’s not butt pads, it really does lift up well.

BOM: Yes, I can certify that….why did you say that that time?

Dara: I had nothing else to talk about that I did that.

Together: Anyway

Bom: So, if you come to the concert, you’ll see our many different sides. My usual personality is type A and have a variety of moods. So, I have many things to show. This time I will show you another image. I promise….look at my nails. And our younger siblings are also preparing something special.

Dara: Oh yes….they really are.

Bom: What they’ve prepared—not that we aren’t good too—is really no joke, everyone. And the sound system….before we were told that the sound wasn’t good to the point that our voices sounded distorted. The venue didn’t help either. But this time, we have state of the art sound system, the best staff, everything working together to create the best sound to give you the best experience. Anything you wanted to say about what you will be revealing.

Dara: I can’t think of anything right now.

BOM: ok…I’ll reveal something…Dara told me this. If you’ve seen the KISS performance or the dance prep for our stage, Dara has been practicing butt dances very diligently.

Dara: Butt dance?

BOM: Dara, like I said before, has a really nice butt.

Dara: Let’s talk about Jeremy

Bom: We’ve been able to really voice our desires with Jeremy. The costumes are really to our liking. And our friend, Jeremy has given us beautiful feedback, it will be a very good collaboration. Everything is #1.

Dara: Yes, a visual and auditory pleasing concert.

BOM: How can we convey everything in our heart.. it’s not like we can take out the heart and show it.

Dara: And our band, beyonce’s all-female band. We really anticipate showing you girl power.

BOM: AND! (laughter from Dara) Did I say something funny? In the beginning…our first concert was rushed, we were nervous and very anxious to show you a stage. This time we’ve had time to prepare. There’s more feeling in the songs…there’s more upgrades and more professional feeling. We have so many things to show you. And you’ll be able to feel it all, I promise. I think I’ve talked too much.

Dara: Up until now, Park Bom’s report. Good luck on the ticketing. Fighting. Pyong!




Source: Dara’s Me2Day + Bom’s Me2day +  welovesandara@Youtube + @kristinekwak

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH, @ilove2NE1girls and ALLKPOP

Terjemahan : ARBA


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