Dara looks like …….. thunder , kekekekeke 😛

Oh wow! ^_^ Now we can really really really see her undercut! She looks half handsome half pretty! ^^

/standing ovation to brave Dara!!!

SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!! Half handsome, half beautiful!!!

A short fanaccount from Littlestone, who got to talk to Dara a bit when she asked for an autograph:

Littlestone: Dara-ya, did you cry when they shaved your head?

Dara: He he.. 

Littlestone: We were really surprised! Dara-ya is so fashionable and chic! 

Dara: He he..

Littlestone: When will the album be out? 

Dara: I don’t know yet. He he!

/Littlestone said that Dara kept on laughing cutely and smiling to them. ^__^ Our cute goddess forever! ❤

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