Weee! Such pretty nails Dara-ya! And oh, I remember those shoes! I remember wanting them so so so bad. T_T 

Anyways, I’d just like to address this: About Dara using @GlobalBlackjack and uploading her photos.

We should ALL be grateful that Dara is updating. We should be appreciative of her efforts, instead of complaining about why she’s only uploading her own photos and such. ALL the girls have access to this Twitter account. It’s just that Dara is the one in 2NE1 who most feels the need to update fans. I’m sure CL, Bom, and Minzy want to update fans too, but Dara is the one who takes communication with the fans to heart. She has mentioned time and again that she loves Blackjacks and she wants to use multimedia to connect with the fans. 

I don’t understand why she gets so many rude, ungrateful mentions on @GlobalBlackjack. I just…

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