[dara me2day] “Merci!” French Blackjacks for the Good Memories

칸 광고제 연설을 마치고 나오는길… 비록 행사장안엔 들어오지못했지만 밖에서 뜨겁게 응원하며 우릴 기다려준 프랑스팬분들이에요~!^_^ 다음엔 노래하는 무대로! 다시 만나고싶어요. 좋은 추억 가지구갑니다~! 메르시!!!


Leaving the Cannes Advertising Festival after our speech…These are the french fans who couldn’t come inside but supported us and waited for us from here~!^_^ Next time on stage and performing! I want to meet them again. Leaving with good memories~! Merci!!!


Meninggalkan Cannes Advertising Festival setelah setelah pidato kami… Para fans Perancis yang tidak bisa masuk ke dalam tetapi tetap mendukung kami dan menunggu kami di sini~! ^_^ Lain kali di panggung dan perform! Aku ingin bertemu kalian lagi. Pergi dengan memori indah~! Merci!!!



Source: Dara’s Me2Day
Translations posted by: 2NE1 Facebook Page

Terjemahan : ARBA

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