Finally! Here are the videos of Dara, Bom, and Minzy at the red carpet of the movie premiere! ^_^

Apparently, CL had a schedule today so she wasn’t able to attend the premiere with the girls.. Also when asked about their upcoming comeback, Dara hinted that they will have a “sexy concept” this time around.  Now who’s excited for sexy 2NE1?! I know I am!  ^^


Kekeke! Bommie was so cute when she screamed because she got shocked Spiderman appeared in front of them. They actually looked a bit scared! Haha. And of course, everyone got shocked when Mr. Spiderman scooped Dara and lifted her up to ground! Looks like even Spiderman can’t resist Dara’s beauty. Keke! ^_^


Dara, Bom and Minzy with the cast of the movie! ^^

And here’s a short clip of Rhys Ifans, one of the casts, singing “Nega Jeil…

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