Foto: Cute Dara and Minho for Etude’s Sweet Event

[Sweet Event] I’m sorry Coool~ 하지 못해 미안해! 인생 가장 꽁~했던 └(`ε´)┘ 순간은 언제인가요?
☞꽁 사연 보따리 댓글로↓↓↓ 풀어놓기
BEST No Cool~ 사연의 주인공에게는 So Coool~해지시라고 진주알 맑은 선BB를 선물로 드려요!☆⌒⌒☆

p.s. 당첨 미끌했다고 에뛰드에 꽁~하기 없기:-)


[Sweet Event] I’m sorry Coool~ When you failed to say sorry! There are that times in our lives └(`ε´)┘ What moment for you is it?

☞ Comment with your stories ↓↓↓ Right now

BEST No Cool~ The protagonist of the story So Coool~ Follow these instructions and share, the winner will get a free BB Cream gift!☆⌒⌒☆


[Sweet Event] I’m sorry Coool~ Ketika kamu gagal untuk berkata maaf! Itu adalah waktu di hidup kami └(`ε´)┘ Momen apa ini untukmu?

☞ Komenlah dengan ceritamu ↓↓↓ sekarang juga

BEST No Cool~ Protagonis di cerita So Coool~ Ikutilah petunjuk dan berbagi, pemenang akan mendapat hadiah BB Cream gratis! ☆⌒⌒☆




Source: Etude Korea’s Facebook
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara
taken from : OhDara

terjemahan : ARBA


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