2NE1 – SCREAM Ranking #10 di Recochoku’s Daily Chaku-Uta Daily Chart + Fire (JPN) #51

Recochoku is Japan’s main site for digital music downloads — from full song downloads onto a PC, to music video clips, to ringtones. Digital content is only a quarter of Japan’s music industry so physical sales are still the “make it or break it” for an artist. That said digital content is slowly becoming important in Japan and is a valid revenue source because downloads are similar in price to iTunes in the USA (100 Yen for a ringtone or 1.29 USD and 200 Yen or 2.60 USD for the full song). Compared to the .07 to .50 cents (USD) that Korean portal sites charge for similar products, Japanese digital content can boost revenues from slower physical sales.

2NE1’s Can’t Nobody English reached 2nd place in the past. They have also had other songs rank on this chart.


saya lagi malas translate , hahahha … jadi post english-nya aja lah … semua juga pada ngarti pasti .

Source: recochoku
Thanks to hambaq for the tip.
taken from : ygladies.com


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